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Our refugees are people. Their lives matter.

More than 50,000 refugees fleeing the escalating violence in the former British Southern Cameroons are pouring into in Nigerian towns and villages close to the border with Cameroon.

Many of them barely escape with their lives leaving behind the old and maimed whose fate is either unknown right now or decidedly ended by the marauding Cameroonian soldiers who are looting, destroying property and exterminating all young adults in the Southern Cameroons – sometimes burning alive the old and the infirm who are unable to escape.

Root Causes of the Genocide Unfolding in the Cameroons

The struggle of the Southern Cameroonians for basic freedoms that have culmination in the present slaughter going on in English-Speaking part of the Cameroons can fill many text books. In the video below (courtesy of Equinox Television) His Eminence, Cardinal Christian Tumi, Retired Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Douala Cameroon, gives an eye-witness account of the origins of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis. This crisis is currently claiming lives of young men, women and children in the former Southern Cameroons, many of them murdered by the invading French troops who killing everyone and everything on their paths and then burying the women and children in mass shallow graves and/or leaving them wherever they fall. Entire villages are being erased in carefully orchestrated conflagration. Those, lucky enough to escape, are presently in the bushes struggling to make it across the border to Nigeria.

This much is clear: we cannot afford to fail in our mission to provide life-sustaining services to Southern Cameroons refugees who have successfully escaped from the Cameroons.

What is needed right now

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Healthcare Crisis

Refugees are arriving with untreated gunshot warms, festering ulcers from the injuries received either from state-sanctioned torture or sustained… during the long journey through the forests and swamps along Cameroon-Nigerian…

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Immediate Food Supply

Refugees arrive in from the Cameroons fatigued, bedraggled, dehydrated, and in dire need of being nursed back to life after the long trek in the dangerous forests. There’s a pressing…

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Shelter and Basic Needs

The absence of basic toiletries like soaps for washing hands and bathing, tooth brushes and toothpaste, etc. though not as pressing as hunger as thirst is an… underlying cause of…

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Attend 2018 World Refugee Day

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Attend 2018 World Refugee Day

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Attend a Lecture

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You Too Can Make a Difference

Given the huge need for assistance, it has been very difficult for PHOSCAR to delimit its scope and prioritize projects. This difficulty was nearly stifling because it was hard for members to pick and choose which need(s) to respond to immediately. When you receive phone calls and pictures that detail pregnant women giving birth to premature babies without the biblical piece of cloth and manger to lay the babies; without basic first aid to bandage the umbilical cord, without adequate clean water, and absolutely no food, and worse still the hopes of getting any; when you see the pictures of the wounded who have neither gone to hospital nor received native treatment for the wounds—many already infected, when you hear the cries for help from these parents who are not sure of their survival and that of their children; who afraid of strangers because the spies from the country they just escaped from are everywhere and may redirect an invading force to attack the refugee hideouts in violation of Nigerian territorial boundaries and international law, when you feel in your gut the helpless and near hopelessness of these refugees, the choice of doing one thing and not another can become like a sentence. For instance, tackling the food problem first might seems like sentencing those in dire medical attention to unbearable pain.

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The situation in the Southern Cameroons has morphed into another demonstration of how evil can take shape and form before the eyes of the international community with no one lifting a wagging finger or raising an alarm in protest. It’s happened before in the African continent (think Rwanda and Burundi) and it’s happening right now.
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Take Action – Stop the Loss of Lives

Your donation today and/or decision to participate yourself can literally save lives. Refugees are arriving with untreated gunshot wounds. Many are pregnant and at risk from the long hike, the prevalent food crisis, and/or other opportunistic diseases. They've got nothing.
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Hurry Up

The clock is ticking. Hurry up and make your contribution. Stand up for southern cameroon refugees who’ve neither got food nor shelter.