Reuters New Agency reports that: “More than 43,000 Cameroonians have fled as refugees to Nigeria to escape a crackdown by the government on Anglophone separatists.”
Here’s what John Inaku, director general of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), told Reuters by phone: “This is a war situation and refugees are trooping in by the minute through the bush paths, rivers and every other unconventional routes open to them,” he said.
What is not said is the fact that the communities that have suddenly been overwhelmed by refugees are ill-equipped to handle these large numbers. For instance, there’s neither shelter, food supplies, nor adequate clean water. Basic facilities like toilets are nonexistent in some communities. This is forcing refugees to use bushes as restrooms. The consequence of this is that the fecal matter is ending up in the streams where the refugees are going to get drinking water. A consequence of this outbreaks of cholera and dysentery making their dire circumstances nearly unbearable.
This situation is worsened by the lack of medical facilities and supplies. As the rains have now arrived, only God alone knows what’s become of those who were sleeping in the open spaces.

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