The situation in the Southern Cameroons has morphed into another demonstration of how evil can take shape and form before the eyes of the international community with no one lifting a wagging finger or raising an alarm in protest. It’s happened before in the African continent (think Rwanda and Burundi) and it’s happening right now. State sponsored genocide is sweeping throughout the former British Cameroons, and even with technological advancement in apps and ease of capturing horrifying images and videos and quickly spreading them, there’s not been a general outcry. Either the entire world is going up in smoke or we are slowly reaching unknown heights in cruelty that videos like the one below in which an infirm grandma is burnt alive by soldiers of the Republic of Cameroon is eliciting just a shrug.

In this video, the family scampered away as Cameroon government soldiers marched into their village preceded by a hail of bullets. In a characteristic gestapo-type fashion, these heavily armed men pillaged and burnt everything in their wake, and shot unharmed women and children trying to escape. As everyone ran for dear life, grandma – Ma Pauline – was left behind in her bed, where she spent most of her time since she could barely move around without help.

When the wave of terror had passed and the marauding band of soldiers had passed through to the neighboring villages, some members of the family realizing that grandma had been left behind in the heat of the escaped risked their lives to come back and get her. What they found is what is captured in this video – the smothering remains of their village, their home, and their grandma.

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mamfe inspect pillaged and destroyed villages in his diocese. Villages are no where to be seen

Bishop of Mamfe in Cameroon visits burnt down villages by Cameroon soldiers

Bishop comes across some old people who have crawled out of the bushes after the departure of the soldiers. Their loved ones are long gone – in some cases deeper into the forest and/or to Nigeria in a bid to escape the terror. The ones who cannot be accounted for have been cut down and buried in mass shallow graves.

Don’t let the cries of the refugees, the dead in their cold grave, and children presently being bitten by malaria carrying mosquitoes in the bushes be for naught. You can do something. You can be a partner of those alive. You can stand up and advocate for the safety of women and children. For the survival of the young and the old alike.

Donate now. Be an advocate.

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